Gianni the Artist

Born September 21st 2016

Eclectic artist, creator of fashions and trends, he begun his collaboration with Essenziale in Florence at a very young age, immediately becoming a prominent figure on the national and world art scene.

Very reseerved, to date he exhibits only in his gallery in Piazza Di Cestello in Florence

Gianni the Rtist in his Study Cit: “People don’t understand the difference between things and experiences

Already a world icon he decides to devote himself to extreme works. The art installation you are admiring is called “colorful threads on the wall, beautiful”, a methaphor for the life and growth of the individual in modern society

Gianni the Artist with his piece “colorful threads on the wall, beautiful”

Other infos:

Preferred food: “raw fish, but hates sushi”

Preferred season: “Austral Polar Winter”

Favourite Band: “I pinguini tattici nucleari” (Nuclear Tactic Penguins)

Sport: “Swim a 100 miles everyday”

Curiosity: He never exibited in the Louvre or at MOMA by choice, the museums choice.